Product Name: FB1000

  • Automatic system detection when power on
  • LED Light for lane indication
  • Advanced sensor system
  • Audible and visible alarm
  • Fire alarm integration
  • Flexible reader installation plate
FB1000 - Single lane
Basic Type Single Lane
  Flap Width 260mm
  Passage width 580mm
  Operation Type Oneway - Bidirectional
  No of flaps 1
Flap Barrier Flow Rate 25-30 passages/minute
  Input control signal Dry Contact
  Ingress protection Degree IP45
  Flap opening/closing time 1s
Features Electronic Anti-Pinch Function :  
  Auto-suspension of door closure when human is detected  
  Optional Battery Backup :  
  Flap release when power off(optional with backup battery)  
  Multi Battery Mode :  
  In Emergency Mode, flaps automatically opens for entrance  
  In Power-supply Mode, flaps remain normal operation using battery power  
  LED light for lane indication  
  Fire alarm Integration (optional)  
  Advanced sensor system  
General Specification Power Supply  
  SMPS - Input AC 220V / 110V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  SMPS - output DC +24V, 5A; +12V, 3A
  Power Rate Idle = 30W, Working = 80W
  Dimension(mm) L = 1400, W = 3000, H = 1008
  Gross Weight 156kg
  Operating Temprature -28oC to +60oC
  Operating Humidity 5% - 85%
  Operating Environment Indoor